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Describe the two different types of heat

1. Sensible
a, The amount of heat an object contains related to its temperature
2. Latent
a. The amount of heat an object contains related to changes of state
b. Most energy


Describe the two types of latent heat

1. Latent heat of vaporization: Gas to liquid or vice versa
2. Latent heat of fusion: Liquid to solid or vice versa
*Latent heat of vaporization has more energy


What are the driving forces and resistance for conduction?

Driving force: temperature difference
Resistance: Insulation


How can the rate of heat transfer be reduced?

1. Decrease driving force
2. Increase resistance


How can the resistance to heat transfer due to conduction be increased in a building?

1. Add insulation or add higher quality insulation
2. Increase surface area


How can the driving force for heat transfer be reduced in a building?

Set the inside temperature closer to the outside temperature