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What is the primary use of blueprints (excluding perspective view)?

Used to convey detailed information that can be used to build or remodel a facility


When do blueprints become legal documents?

When signed.


What does a plan view show?

Looking down from the top; Floor plan that shows the position of walls and other permanent parts of the building.


What does an equipment view show?

The same perspective as floor plan but with equipment added. This is more like something you would see in an apartment ad.


What does an elevation view show?

Looks at vertical surfaces such as walls. As if you are standing in the room. Gives height of wall


What does a detail view show?

Provides detailed construction information not visible on other blue prints


What does a sectional view show?

Shows the inner construction of something like a wall. Its a cross section of the building


What does an electrical view show?

Shows where all the electrical boxes are looking down from the top


What does a mechanical view show?

Shows the location of mechanical systems such as ventilation systems, plumbing systems, gas lines, etc. More 3D


What does a perspective view show?

Artist depiction of the finished product as it would look on the outside. Its primary purpose is to help sell the building


What does a survey view show?

1. Shows the land that the building is going to be built on
2. Shows location of utilities and other structures already on the building site
3. Shows elevations by using contour lines. Lines close together indicate a steep slope
4. This is important for determining draining and flooding concerns


What does a plot view show?

Shows where the building is supposed to be located as well as everything a survey view shows


What is a blueprint schedule used for?

Provides enough info about a construction material that it can be easily distinguished from other similar materials on the job site


How does the information on a specification differ from that of a schedule?

Provides detailed information required to purchase item including a reference standard and performance spec


What are the 4 types of specifications?

1. Detailed: describe exactly what you want including dimensions, finishes, etc.
2. Performance: describe what it should be able to do
3. Reference standard: refer to a non-proprietary spec such as U.L. N.S.F. standard
4. Proprietary: specify a specific item from a specific manufacturer. May also include "equivalent."


What are contour lines?

1. Lines of constant elevation
2. Lines that are close together indicate a steep slope
3. Lines far apart indicate flat land