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What is Preventive Maintenance?

1. Keeps things running and ensures code compliance
2. Requires more mechanical knowledge than routine maintenance
3. E.g.: Inspections, lubrications, minor repairs/adjustments, work order initiation


What is Guestroom Maintenance?

1. Preventive maintenance for the guestroom
2. E.g.: Inspections, minor lubrications of doors/other equipment, filter changes, small repairs, work orders


What is Scheduled Maintenance?

1. Things that require more planning and coordination to make happen. Often happen at a specific time of the year
2. E.g.: Winterization, descaling boilers/water heaters, replacing windows


What is Condition-Based (Predictive) Maintenance?

1. Sophisticated tech used to predict when corrective action will be required based on the condition of the machine
2. Time-based maintenance: Measured in months, days, hours used, mileage, etc.
3. E.g.: Infrared and ultrasonic testing of electrical equipment, vibration analysis of operating machinery


What is Run-to-failure (Reactive or Emergency/Breakdown Maintenance)?

1. Costliest form of maintenance requiring immediate response
2. Should account for the smallest number of work orders
3. For some items, run-to-failure is the most effective


When is it appropriate to contract for maintenance?

1. When it is an emergency; staff on hand do not have appropriate expertise
2. Special tools and/or equipment are required that are not available
3. Special training and/or certification is required that none of the staff have
4. When it is done infrequently


List the steps to successfully contract for facility maintenance

1. Determine need
2. Prepare statement of work
3. Select contractor
4. Execute contract
5. Survey contract


Describe 10 key provisions that every maintenance contract should contain

1. Insurance
2. Contractor is not an employee
3. Term and renewal provisions
4. Cancellation procedures
5. Surveillance procedures to include penalties for non-compliance
6. Conflict of interest statement
7. Rules for subcontracting
8. Specifications
9. Fees
10. Dispute resolution


Why are Inventory logs maintained?

To help track and control equipment - make sure what you are tracking is financially worth it


Why are Maintenance logs maintained?

(1) To ensure maintenance schedule is followed and (2) identify equipment needing replacement


Why are Energy logs maintained

Energy consumption can indicate when a piece of equipment needs repaired / replaced but you must individually meter each piece of equipment. Also to determine if energy conservation programs are working


What info is required on an inventory log?

1. Inventory number
2. Manufacturer
3. Model
4. Serial number


What info must be maintained when tracking work orders?

Room, nature of the problem, initiator of the request, a place for the name of the individual assigned to the task, and some are for this individual to respond when the task is completed.


What are the 6 main purposes of facility inspections?

1. Monitor work
2. Assess physical conditions
3. Check compliance issues
4. Communication between maintenance and management
5. Inventories
6. Estimate maintenance/replacement costs


Who should be involved in inspections?

Management and maintenance personnel so that everyone is on the same page and it is easier to clearly communicate any issues