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What parts of the facility have the largest impact on RevPAR if not properly maintained?

1. Parking lots
2. Landscaping
3. Condition of the exterior of the building


Six main functions of a facility

1. Protection
2. Comfort
3. Experience
4. Identity
5. Location [for creation/delivery of products]
6. Sources of revenue


Five main costs associated with development and construction of a hospitality facility

1. Land
2. Site improvements
3. Construction of physical plant
4. Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E)
5. Soft costs


What are soft costs related to development and construction of a hospitality facility?

A cost for an item that is not considered direct construction cost: architectural/engineering fees, financing, legal fees, etc.


Two main classifications of operation costs generally assigned to the engineering and maintenance department along with their components

1. Property operation and maintenance
a. labor
b. fringe benefits
c. supplies and expendables
d. parts
e. equipment
f. contract maintenance
2. Utility cost
a. energy
b. water
c. waste management


Four areas of impact facility design has on facilities management. Describe how each will impact CapEx, Maintenance cost, and Utility cost

1. Components
2. Layout
3. Materials, quality, and types of construction
4. Equipment


What is CapEx?

Money spent by a business or organization on acquiring or maintaining fixed assets, such as land, buildings, and equipment.


Six major factors that affect POM and utility expenditures for hotels. Include how they impact overall POM and utility expenditures

1. Weather
2. Usage
3. Type of construction
4. Quality of construction
5. Age of the building
6. Maintenance history


A manager's three duties for facility maintenance

1. Ensure facilities are kept clean and not abused
2. Perform minor maintenance and repairs
3. Communicate problems accurately to the maintenance and engineering department


Five major areas of responsibility for facility managers - describe importance to overall operation

1. Safety and security
2. Legal and regulatory compliance
3. Service to customers [internal/external]
4. Cost control
5. Asset management


Why should facility managers be included in design and commission of building?

1. Keep from oversizing or undersizing systems
2. They have a greater span of knowledge about buildings and they can help the management make more accurate decisions


What are the 2 consequences of a poor facility manager?

1. Wasted Expenditures
2. Poor maintenance
a. Shorter facility/equipment life
b. Possible fines
c. Safety concerns