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Define argumtun ad hominen

Means argument t against the person

There are two versions

Abusive version: the arguer is criticized instead of h argument.


Argumentum ad rem

This is not a fallacy
This is what we're suppose to do but all fallacies of relevance
Argnentum ad rem means arguing to the point the fallacies of relevance are not arguing to the point

Basically this means arguing to the point


What is a complex question?

This is committed when a single quake on that is really two questions but one answer is apples to both questions. Presumes ... I catches you by either saying yes or no


What is a leading questions?

A questions that suggest the answer in the question somehow.


What is an example of a complex question ?

Have you stopped cheating on exams?


What is false dichotomy?h

This fallacy is committed when one premise of an argument is an either or disjunction statement that presents two alternatives as if they were jointly exhaustive but there is a good reason to think there is a third way