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Halligan/Marshall (1991) 'left neg for near not far space man' cog neuroscience. Focus on neg/area associated with lesion study. Definition. Further demonstrated Marsh/Hall (1988). Important area real life imp for brain injuries. Understood then treat/rehab, independence. Essay will look at progress/impact Hal Marsh '91


Paragraph 1:

Rizzolatti et al (1983) frontal lobe. 6 near hemi. 8 far visual. Starting point. Human needed before can help. Lesioned on purpose-unethical-preexisting injury. fMRI/line bisection etc


Paragraph 2:

Hal/Marsh in humans. TM left inferior homonymous quadrantanopia. Right hem stroke, infarction right post parie cortex and medial temp cortex. Left neglect. Conclusions (contralesional). Cowey et al (1994) double dissociation. Right sup parie cortex far. Single patient/5patient probs (areas/symptoms/generalise)


Paragraph 3:

Vuilleumier et al (1998) temp lobe far. Break double diss. Questions for all 3. Can't point blame with injuries. Not localised/specific (span/degrees). Methods not topic, but best of available. Bjoertomt/Cowey/Walsh 2002 TMS-post parie near-small sample


Paragraph 4:

Cont prob. Whitehouse et al 2019 Halifax Vis Scan Test. Personal/peripsersonal/extrapersonal. Imp for diagnosis/future research. Wiesen et al (2019) preprint-multivariate lesion mapping/netwoek hypothesis inc nef. 203 ppts, builds from Hal Marsh, develop with new techniques/theories/larger samples. Insight to where future research, stem from Hal Marsh, is going



Hal Marsh important contribution. Identifying near space. Diagnosis/rehab + as psych as science with functions of areas. Constant evolv, know based on prev research that drives future research. Rizzolatti-Hal Marsh-Cowey et al. Can go further with better methods. Further localise and explain prob of Vuilleumier. Would all link back to Hall Marsh baseline (humans) why contribution is important