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How and under what conditions are fossils created?

- remains just stay in oxygen free environment, must be appropriate ph


what are the limitations of the fossil record?

fossilization is a rare occurence, many different factors affect how a fossil is created, so we cannot obtain much information from it.


what is stratigraphic correlation

matching strata from multiple sites


what is Fluorine dating?

dating method using predictable chemical changes over time.


what is the oldest type of tools found?

pebble tools, 2.6 mya


what is an absolute method of dating?

providing actual ages, versus relative dating which simply states "x comes before y" absolute is "x is the 24th letter of the alphabet"


what is dendochronology

chronometric dating that uses tree rings to measure age


what is radiocarbon dating

measures two diferent isotopes of carbon ( carbon 14) which decays very slowly


what is radiopotassium dating?

measuring k-40 to ar-40 to date material older than 200000 years


what is the molecular clock?

the average rate at which a species' genome accumulates mutations, used to measure their evolutionary divergence and in other calculations.


how do we determine what animals ate from their fossils?

the carbon isotope plants used for fossilization,


how can we determine temperature of bygone eras?

the amount of O-18 increases with lowered temperature of animals that ingest O18 in the water.