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What are the indications for transfusing red cells?

- Severe acute anaemia
- improve QOL in otherwise uncorrectable anaemia
- prepare for or recover from surgery
- Reverse damage by own red cells e.g. sickle cell


What are the indications for platelet transfusion?

Bone marrow failure
Prophylaxis for surgery
Bleeding Cardiopulm bypass


What are the indications for giving FFP?

Replace fluid in Massive HAemorrhage
DIC with bleeding (replaces clotting factors)


What do you need to do before giving FFP?

Get it out early, stored frozen so takes a while to thaw

Test the PT & aPTT


When do we use cryoprecipitate and what do we need to do before using it?

If they have a low fibrinogen

Stored frozen so give time to thaw and test fibrinogen


When ordering blood (non-emergency) you send 2 samples to the blood bank, what do they do with them?

Group & screen
Cross Match
Coomb's Test
- Direct = Autoimmune
- Indirect = Cross matching issue


What do you do if you need blood immediately?

Ask for Type O RhD -ve red cells
Or AB plasma

If it's urgent but not immediate you can ask for type specific and if it's not urgent at all they will do a full cross match


What do you do if a patient has a massive haemorrhage?

Dial 2222 (universal in uk)

It'll get you an immediate supply of 6 units red cell, 4 units ffp & 1 unit platelets


What are the major complications of a blod transfusion?

TACO - Transfusion associated circ overload
TRALI - Tranfusion associated lung injury
Acute Haemolysis


What do we do if someone has a reaction to a transfusion?

Stop it
Check patient identity against component label

Fever - give anti-pyretic & send back to lab for testing

Urticaria - give anti-histamine & monitor for anaphylaxis

Watch out for dyspnoea, shock etc.


What is Haemolytic Disease of foetus & Newborn?

Mum with Anti-D Abs passes them on to Rhd +VE baby --> Haemolysis


How do we prevent and treat HDFN?

Give mothers Anti-D at 28wks & at delivery, this should prevent baby developing RhD

Antibody titres & doppler US --> Intrauterine transfusion


What is NAIT?

Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia

Similar to HDFN but for platelets


What other transfusion-type interventions can we do for other cells?

Bone marrow transplant
Lymphocyte infusions
Other banks e.g. milk, tendons, faecal etc
Gene therapies