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What was the first ever talking movie?

The first ever talking movie was "The Jazz Signer" which came out in 1927.


How many people visited cinema's per week in 1929?

95 million people a week were going to the cinema.


Why did many silent movie stars lose their jobs?

Due to talkie movies now coming out, silent movie stars then lost their jobs due to some of them having funny voices or strange accents.


What is another name for 1920's America?

The jazz age.


What did most families listen to in the USA?

The radio.


What did families do if they couldn't afford a radio?

They purchased one in installments.


How much did the money for purchasing radios go up from 1920 to 1929?

In 1920, $2 million worth of radios were purchased but in 1929, the figure was $600 million.


What was a powerful symbol of 1920's America which relates to growing cities?



Who were flappers?

Flappers were women in 1920's America.


What are the typical features that flappers were said to have had?

- Short, bobbed hair
- They wore short skirts and dresses
- They wore more make-up
- They smoked in public
- They drove motorbikes
- They danced with men in jazz bars
- They went out without chaperones
- They now had the vote meaning they had more money and more freedom
- They now invested in shares in the stock market


What did the 19th Amendment in 1920 give women?

It gave women the vote.


Between what years did the number of working women go up by 25%?