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In what year was prohibition introduced in?



What did the 18th Amendment consist of?

The 18th Amendment consisted of the banning of alcohol manufacture, sale and transport.


What did the Volstead Act consist of?

The Volstead Act gave the federal government the power to enforce prohibition.


What were the reasons for prohibition?

- It already existed: many states in America were "dry" already.
- Moral reasons: people thought it caused violence, poverty, crime and sexual promiscuity.
- Campaigners: one of the most famous was the Anti-saloon league.
- The First World War: many of the USA's brewers were German and after WW1, there was a lot of Anti-German feeling in the USA.


Why did prohibition fail?

- Moonshine
- Speakeasies
- Bootlegging
- Organised crime
- Law enforcers


What is moonshine?

Moonshine is homemade alcohol.


What are speakeasies?

Speakeasies were secret bars where alcohol was sold after many people still wanted to buy and drink alcohol. To get into these speakeasies there was usually a secret knock or password.


What is bootlegging?

Bootlegging is where people smuggled alcohol from other countries into the USA. One of the most famous bootleggers is William McCoy who smuggled $70 million worth of whiskey.


What was organised crime?

Gangsters were able to take over cities and bribe authorities such as policemen and even judge. One of the most famous gangsters was Al Capone and he is best known for the St Valentine's day massacre.


Who was Al Capone?

Al Capone was known as the "USA's most feared criminal" and he earned $100 million a year. He is best know for the St Valentines day massacre. The St Valentines day massacre was when 7 members of a rival gang to Al Capone were murdered.


Why did law enforcers contribute to prohibition being a failure?

There wasn't enough law enforcers to enforce prohibition in America. Also, many law enforcers were bribed by gangs to allow prohibition.


Who was Eliot Ness?

Elliot Ness was one of the most effective law enforcers having enforced prohibition and stop moonshining, bootlegging and alcohol being sold in speakeasies.