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How many standards are in the Standards of Practice of the Association of Surgical Technologists?

6 standards


What is Standard I

Teamwork is essential for perioperative patient care and is contingent on interpersonal skills


What is Standard II

Preoperative planning and preparation for surgical intervention are individualized to meet the needs of each patient and his surgeon


What is Standard III

The preparation of perioperative environment and all supplies and equipment will ensure environmental safety for patients and personnel


What is Standard IV

Application of basic and current knowledge is necessary for a proficient performance of assigned functions


What is Standard V

Each patient's right to privacy, dignity, safety, and comfort is respected and protected. Each member of the operating room team has a moral and ethical duty to uphold strict observance of the patient's rights


What is standard VI

Every patient is entitled to the same application of aseptic technique within the physical facilities


What does "aeger primo" mean?

The patient first