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The local and global theme might draw our attention to some of the ____ that is ____ at home.

food, cooked


L&G. It is now not difficult to get all manner of fruit and vegetables out of season. Food is readily ____ a around the world.



L&G. Globalisation is a large scale ____ ____ that has an impact on everyday, local lives.

social process


____ is something all humans share with each other - in that sense it is a cultural universal.



But the food we eat, how we eat, the meanings that food has for us, and so on differs greatly between different societies and between different groups within societies like Aotearoa/New Zealand - and in that sense food and eating illustrate ____ ____.

cultural diversity


L&G. The earlier discussion on the theme of the local and the global mentioned the role of ____ in the globalisation of society. While McDonalds is just one type of takeaway these restaurants are an example of the trend towards standardised and homogenised models of food production which effectively limit the variety of food choices available to the public.



L&G. McDonalds and other fast food restaurants do this by providing similar foods in all their restaurants _____. Whether you get a Big Mac in Paris or Palmerston North it will taste the same.

around the world


L&G. However it should be noted that the local can exert some _____ - take for example the use of beetroot in McDonalds Kiwiburger.



This discussion about food raises an important issue within sociology - to what extent are our food choices determined for us by social ____ and how much is about individual ____.

structures, agency


This is often represented in sociology as a tension between structure and agency. As indicated earlier, social structure refers to recurring patterns of ____ ____ by which people are related to each other through social interactions and social groups.

social interaction


So in this sense we are products of our society. But we are also self-conscious - beings we have the ability to participate in and change the society into which we are born. In this respect we exercise some ____ in our lives.



Human agency produces the scope for ____, ____ and ____.

difference, diversity and change