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What is coping?

Coping is the sum of constantly changing cognitive and behavioural efforts aimied to handle taxing/demanding tasks


How can social support aid coping?

- Key factor in managing stress 

- Help patients recognise and mobilise social support (informal/formal)

E.g. social services, patient groups, religious / charitable organisations


State 3 ways in which personal control can aid coping

- Pain management 

- Self-management programmes 

- Facilitate cognitive control


State two ways in which preparation can aid coping

- Reduce ambiguity 

- Reduce uncertainty


What is emotion focussed coping?

Emotion focussed coping involves changing the emotion in order to cope


What are the behavioural and cognitive approaches of emotion focussed coping?

- Behavioural approaches – do something e.g. talk to friends, alcohol, etc

- Cognitive approaches – change how you think about a situation e.g. denial, focus on positive aspects


What is problem focussed coping?

Problem focussed coping involves changing the problem or your resources to cope


What are the behavioural and cognitive approaches of problem focussed coping?

- Behavioural approaches  reduce demands of stressful situation e.g. distribute intense workload over a period of time

Cognitive approaches – expand resources to deal with it e.g. if mobility a problem, buy a motorised wheelchair


Identify 5 outcomes of successful coping

- Tolerating or adjusting to negative events or realities

- Reducing threats

- Enhancing prospects of recovery

- Maintaining a positive self-image

- Maintaining emotional equilibrium