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What was Reagan's attitude towards the USSR and what did he call the USSR in a speech in 1983?

He wanted to destroy Communism - 'Evil'


How did Reagan boost and develop defence in the USA?

He began spending lots of money and developing new weapons (Neutron Bomb, MX missiles, SDI)


What was the Reagan Doctrine?

To overwhelm the USSR and win the cold war by spending lots of money on arms.


What was the SDI (The Strategic Defense Initiative)?

A missile defence system in space using giant lasers.


What Treaty from 1967 did the SDI break?

Outer Space Treaty.


How did SDI put pressure on the USSR?

If it existed then in a nuclear war the USA would win as no Soviet missiles would hit the USA.


What was Gorbachev alleged to have said to his wife about the USSR when he became leader in 1985?

Communism was doomed.


What is the English translation of Gorbachev's two policies, Glasnost and Perestroika?

Glasnost - Openness, allowing free speech.
Perestroika - Restructuring the economy to allow for independent businesses.


How did these policies change the USSR?

They allowed people to question Communist parties.


Why did Gorbachev go the the Reykjavik summit with a desire to find an agreement on reducing nuclear weapons?

The USSR's economy was broken and he had no money to spend on weapons.


What Treaty was signed in December 1987 between the USA and USSR?

INF - reduced the number of shorter range missiles.


What did Gorbachev announce to the UN in November 1988?

He was reducing his army by 500,000