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When did Hungary take its fence with non-communist Austria down?



What happened in June 1989 after solidarity was legalised in Poland?

They won the elections and Walesa became president.


What did huge number of East Germans begin doing in September 1989 and through which country?

Leaving East Germany through Hungary.


When did the border between East and West Germany open and what happened to the wall?

1989 - It was ripped down.


What was the 'Velvet' Revolution in Czechoslovakia?

A peaceful revolution from Communist to Democratic rule.


What happened to the brutal Communist president of Romania in December 1989?

He was hung by his own people.


What reasons were there for why the Warsaw Pact countries began to act so independently? (4)

Gorbachev said he wouldn't uphold the Brezhnev Doctrine.
Gorbachev allowed freedom of speech and business in the USSR
The economies were very different and all quite poor.
The Cold war was ending.


How did the Communist hardliners turn on Gorbachev because of the breakup of the Warsaw pact?

They arrested him and tired to take power using force.


What happened when Gorbachev announced his resignation as leader of the USSR on christmas day 1991? (2)

The communist party was outlawed and Yeltsin took over Russia.
All the parts of the USSR became independent countries.