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What are the steps your story will go through?

- Introduce the hero
- What I want
- Why I can't get what I want
- The stakes
- Who helps me
- How I get what i want
- How I'm transformed by this experience


Who am I in the cake story?

- Always had trouble with girls;
- Dreamy like Ted Mosby - the perfect girl will land in my lap some day
- Same trouble continues in LA with my masters


What kind of trouble did I have with girls?

- Just attracted to each other, nothing else
- No good conversations
- Fun and fizzle


What do I want?


If I had a checklist, she would check every single box
- sweet
- intelligent
- funny
- hot
- incredible hours-long conversations that somehow left me feeling more energised


Why couldn't I get what I wanted?

"All the good ones are taken" she was in an LD-LTR. (kill me now), and she was very loyal.


What were the stakes? What would happen if I didn't get Pooja?

I was 25 - entering the grihasth ashram, without anyone to do grihasthi with.

If I didn't get her, I would die alone

I knew after my past, that if there was a perfect girl for me, she was it. She was my unicorn.


When I realised the stakes, what did I do, that made them even worse?

I tried to take her on date-like outings. She got a whiff of what was going on, and started withdrawing. One day she stopped talking to me and started avoiding me.


What happened between me knowing there was a barrier, and realising the stakes of not getting her?

We kept meeting, chilling, one thing led to another (LDR), we got together a few times (I think she felt the connection as much as I did) and I was COMPLETELY hooked. This is when I realised the stakes.


What made me realise that I really had to do something?

When she started avoiding me


What did I decide to do when Pooja started avoiding me?

(knew she was jealous of kahini - kahini loved baking - i loved baking! - let's use this)

IDEA - I knew that she was super jealous of a mutual friend of ours - whenever she had seen me talk to her, she had fought with me for stupid reasons, but couldn't REALLY say anything because LDR.

This friend loved baking, and after christmas break and learning to bake with a friend,

I was super into it too. I decided to fan the flames.


Once the baking idea struck me, how did I execute it?

I set up a day with kahini to make tiramisu, and texted Pooja out of the blue after many weeks of radio silence asking if i should make some for her. And then went silent again


What happened once i'd told pooja that i was baking with kahini?

When I was at Kahini's place, my phone was ringing off the hook, and the messages kept beeping away to glory.


What did I do when the phone kept notificating away?

I ignored it all the way. It was super hard to do, but I did it anyway.


What was the danger of leaving the phone disengaged?

Kahini lived 4 doors down from Pooja, very accessible


What happened when I didn't respond to pooja's umpteen messages and notifications?

She broke the door down, cat fought with kahini, created a huge scene. They've never talked since.


What happened after the bake off?

Next day she broke up with her LDR.

- fb cover changed
- relationship status - single
- all old photos deleted
- she rings my doorbell - "you are never going to bake with another girl again. Ever."


What internal realisation did i have with this experience?

That I couldn't just wait for fate to hand things out to me. At best, fate will show me what's possible. It's my job to go out there and take it for myself.


How did that realisation you had apply to your life?

The jealous girl is now the mother of my daughter, and no, I have never baked with another girl again. We'll see what happens when my daughter decides she likes to bake.