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How many times should your name appear in the introduction?

2-3 times


Should your name be said at the beginning or the end of the introduction?

Not at the beginning. 2-3 times, including once at the end.


How long should your introduction be?

30-45 seconds


Which parts of the introduction can increase audience appreciation of the speech?

Background info of the speaker and the speech


What do speaking pro's do with the introduction?

They use it to set a desired mood/tone


Do you really need to create a new introduction for yourself for every speech? Can you just use your twitter bio everywhere?

Yes. You need to create a new one for each speech. An introduction is like a speech bio - each speech needs a different bio, just like each social network needs a different bio.


What is the most important thiing that you can use the intro for?

Establishing credibility. "Who is HE to talk about education?" "oh, he has 3 school-going kids and is on the school board"


What should the introduction cover about the speaker?

Speaker's background and credentials WITH RESPECT TO the topic!


What should the introduction cover about the audience?

How the speech will benefit them and why it's appropriate for this specific audience