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What is the most important thing a sense of humour indicates?



What do frowns indicate to others?

Fear and paranoia


What is the very first goal if you want to develop a sense of humour?

To become uninhibited


What is a great exercise to practice to uninhibit yourself?

What if..


What is the dynamic between a laughing ape and one that doesn't laugh?

The laughing one is submissive.


In a social power equation, what position does the person laughing hold wrt the person making them laugh?

Lower on the pole.


What happens when you're making people laugh?

You're controlling them. You're MAKING them laugh. You're in charge.


What are the 3 Rs you get when you're humorous?

Respect, Remembrance and Reward


How do you get remembrance with humour?

People remember your message, what you're teaching, and YOU, if you use humour well.


What is the comedy triangle?

Material - Audience - Performer


In what way does comedy relate the audience to the performer?

You both have the same goal. You're on the same team. You want them to laugh, they want to laugh! You both reach the goal together.


What are the subjects the audience is most interested in?

Themselves! They want you to talk about observations of THEIR own interest.


What do the audience NOT care about?

They don't want to know about you, your friends, your pets, your bar buddies.


As a peformer, how much time do you have to win the audience over?

30 seconds.


What does the audience do within the first 30 seconds of you talking?

The decide just how comfortable they feel with your comedic persona.


What do you do with your obviously imperfect physical characteristics?

Target them. Take advantage of them rather than fight them. "I'm a bald red headed cunt"


What is the single most important aspect that will make your material evolve to its highest level?

Dedication. Learning is easy, but dedication is very very very hard.


How do you stay dedicated to your material?

You stay switched on all day. Keep noting down different things that make you laugh. Tag them by topics.


Once you dedicate yourself to humour, what is a daily consistent exercise you have to take up?

Keep looking for new material to use as building blocks for your humour writing


What can you use as material for building blocks for your humour writing?

ANYthing that you find funny in -

- News
- Internet reading
- Everyday events
- Ideas
- Observations


Key criteria for daily humour building blocks

- NO censorship
- NOT intended to be funny
- Serve as STARTING POINTS for writing humour


List the reasons why we laugh

- Surprise
- Superiority
- Instinct
- Incongruity
- Release
- When we solve a puzzle
- to Regress


What is the core tenet of the structure of something tha creates surprise?

Get the audience to assume the ending, and then derail them.


What are 2 basic techniques to create surprise?

- Misdirection
- Incongruity


How would you describe misdirection in simple words?

You know the facts, and the audience doesn't.


How would you describe incongruity in simple words?

The audience know the facts, and a character in your story, doesn't.


What do we mean when we say, people laugh when they're surprised?

When we intentionally embarrass people, they laugh to cover their embarrassment


How can we create embarrassment in the audience?

By tricking them


How do we trick the audience so that they're embarrassed, and then laugh?

By misdirection or incongruity


What are the various targets you can... target to generate feelings of superiority in the audience?

- Inferiors
- Superiors
- Those we fear
- Others who've recently accomplished something
- The "outs" to your "ins"