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What's the skeleton of The Plunge?

I'm super successful > But I'm unhappy > Lockdown realisation > Hero's journey > I'm in my comfort zone > I'm stepping out > Quote


How would you describe the hero's journey?

Comfort zone > challenge to face unknown trials in uncharted territory > forgets comforts > if he emerges victorious > changed forever


If you succeed at your hero's journey, what do you become on the other side?

An enlightened being


What're the hallmarks of doing something you love?

You could do it all day long, get really upset if you're told to NOT do it for 3 months, do it even on your deathbed


Why is it difficult to transition from dentistry?

It's the only thing I'm an expert at


As Joseph Campbell says....

We must be willing to get rid
of the life we've planned,
so as to have the life

that is waiting for us