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- client is aware of disorder and does not feel it fits the perception of themselves
- any AXIS I diagnosis
- complaining of symptom



- disorder part of themselves
- does not see or feel behavior is a problem
- more Axis II diagnosis
- characterilogical processes developed early in life


Paranoid Personality Disorder

- having irrational suspicions and mistrust of others
- others are trying to harm, exploit or deceive
- preoccupied with doubt all the time
- hold grudges of perceived slights
- world is a hostile place, out to get them


Delusional Disorder

- experiences delusions
- can be bizarre or non-bizarre
- only symptom present



- in addition to delusions (bizarre)...
- disorganized speech
- hallucinations
- flat affect


Schizoid Personality Disorder

- lack interest in social relationships LONERS
- withdrawn, no longing to connect
- pervasive pattern of behavior throughout life

(MDD - know they are isolating and do not like it)


Avoidant Personality Disorder

- lonely, want to connect, but socially inhibited
- feelings of inadequacy, sensitive
- think people won't like them
- avoid social interactions out of fear of being rejected or evaluated


Schizotypal Personality Disorder

- schizotypal thought to be the precursor to schizophrenia
- odd behavior and thinking (aliens)
- magical thinking, bizarre fantasies
- some paranoia or suspicious ideation
- have NOT had psychotic episode
- once psychotic episode experience, change diagnosis to schizophrenia
- lack close friends


Antisocial Personality Disorder


- evidence of Conduct Disorder before age 15
- pervasive pattern of disregard for or in violation of the rights of others
- law breaking
- deception, lying
- lack of remorse
- aggressive
- irresponsible


Narcissistic Personality Disorder

- pervasive pattern of grandiosity
- need for admiration
- lack of empathy, cannot put self in the shoes of others
- exaggerate achievements
- feel special or unique, sense of entitlement
- envious of others
- can become enraged when challenged
- usually diagnosed for DV perpetrators


Borderline Personality Disorder

- instability in relationships, cannot maintain
- black and white thinking
- frantic fear of real or imagined abandonment
- fearful of rejection
- suicidal behavior, self injurious, recurrent
- can idealize therapist
- identity disturbances, fluctuates depending on someone else
- mood instability
- feelings of emptiness and uncontrollable rage


Histrionic Personality Disorder

- pervasive pattern of attention seeking behavior
- dramatic
- center of attention
- seductive dress and/or behavior
- shallow emotion


Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

- perfectionist
- excessive orderliness


Dependent Personality Disorder

- unable to make decisions without asking others first
- want others to take responsibility for them
- difficulty disagreeing with others out of fear of losing support
- easy going, does not speak up
- lack of confidence in abilities or judgement
- do not initiate on their own
- feel uncomfortable and helpless when alone