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ONSET: rapid, lasts up to a day

- only seen in hospital setting
- due to medication or illness
- marked shift in awareness process: memory impairment, executive functioning, perceptual hallucinations or delusions
- specifier: medical condition or medication


Major Neurocognitive Disorder

- decline in previous level of functioning
- usually seen in elderly
- severe enough that person loses ability to function on their own --> assisted living

ISSUES with:
- complex attention
- executive functioning
- remembering words and people
- social cognition
- perception / motor skills


Mild Neurocognitive Disorder

- noticeable decline in functioning
- prodromal, leading to Major Neurocognitive
- has an awareness of needing support
- able to maintain independence

* elderly person experiencing depressing can have memory loss, but they are very aware of it

* person doesn't think they're having memory loss --> neurocognitive


Somatic Symptom Disorder

ONSET: symptoms present for 6 months

- one or more somatic (serious body health) symptoms
- health related or concern about health anxiety
- time and energy devoted to symptoms and health concern


Illness Anxiety Disorder

ONSET: symptoms present for 6 months

- symptoms are mild or negligible
- fear person has or WILL HAVE a serious disease, even though doctors assure there is nothing wrong, still worried
- excessive body checking, internet research

* avoid places with germs for fear of getting sick


Conversion Disorder

- psychological issues converts in to a somatic issue
- blind rage: so angry go blind
- upset can't move arm


Factitious Disorder

- fake getting sick to get attention from being a patient



- fakes an illness or disorder to get out of something
- claim mental illness to go on disability


Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy

- when a second party (usually parent) has child get sick or induces child to be sick to get sympathy / attention from others


Anorexia Nervosa

- restricts dietary intake where it does not meet needs
- significantly low body weight
- less than minimally normal
- intense fear of gaining weight or getting fat


Bulimia Nervosa

NEED: binge eating with a lack of control AND recurrent purging behavior or excessive exercise


Binge Eating Disorder

NEED: only binge eating and lack of control

- feeling disgusted, guilty after


Unspecified Eating Disorder

- has not met criteria for other eating disorder

* purging without binge eating


Body Dysmorphic Disorder

CANNOT: be related to weight

- displeasure in some part of body
- change behavior to hide that part
- concern or preoccupation
- normal in appearance, but person sees a clear defect


DePersonalization / DeRealization Disorder

- relating testing intact
- feel like outside of body, dream state
- surroundings are unreal, world around is surreal


Dissociative Amnesia

- sudden forgetting of pertinent personal information
- huge stressor: war, disaster

*Dissociative Fugue = type of amnesia
- not a specific diagnosis


Dissociative Identity Disorder

- multiple personality disorder
- 2 or more distinct personality states
- person who has them can't remember what other personalities did or know
- common with severe abuse when young
- no continuous sense of self
- fragmented