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Difference between...

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) vs
Unspecified Depressive Disorder (FKA NOS) vs
Persistent Depressive Disorder (FKA Dysthymia)

severity and timeline

Major Depressive Disorder
- symptoms present for at least 2 weeks

Unspecified Depressive Disorder (mild depression)
- don't meet criteria for MDD

Persistent Depressive Disorder
- adults: symptoms present for at least 2 years
- kids: symptoms present for at least 1 year


Major Depressive Disorder

S - sleep changes
I - Interest loss
G - Guilt / Worthlessness
E - Energy lack
C - Concentration loss
A - Appetite change
P - Pyschomotor Activity change
S - Suicidal ideation


BiPolar I

NEED: one full manic episode to be diagnosed

MANIC EPISODE: for at least 1 week or more
- extreme happiness
- hyperactivity
- little need for sleep
- racing thoughts
- rapid speech
- may have psychotic features

- causes difficulty or impairment in occupational or social functioning
* tendency to be misdiagnosed


BiPolar II

NEED: 2 things to diagnose

1) hypomania: persists for 4 days
- similar to manic episode
- elevated mood isn't as severe
- no psychotic features
- markedly different from normal mood

2) episodes of Major Depressive Disorder



2 criteria

1) hypomania - 4 days
2) milder depression

- mild, but noticeable up and down feeling


Bereavement vs Major Depressive Disorder

- occurs in conjunction with dying
- previously had to wait 2 months after someone died to diagnose MDD, not can diagnose Bereavement AND MDD


Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood

ONSET: symptoms must appear within 3 months of stressor and cannot exceed 6 months

- never given with the death of someone --> Bereavement
- occurs after a stressor is experienced: moving, fired, divorce
- after 6 months, change diagnosis
- can have other specifiers: anxious mood, conduct disorder