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Differences between...

Brief Psychotic Disorder vs
Schizophreniform Disorder vs
Schizophrenia vs

- similar diagnostic criteria
- difference in timeline of symptoms present

0 - 1 month: Brief Psychotic Disorder
1 month - 6 months: Schizophreniform
over 6 months: Schizophrenia


Psychotic Symptoms (2 types)
Positive Symptoms

- added state beyond normal
- delusions
- hallucinations (auditory most common)
- general disorganized thinking
- agitation


Psychotic Symptoms (2 types)
Negative Symptoms

- range of emotional expression diminished
- affect flattening
- poor eye contact
- reduced body language, constrained movement
- poverty of speech, empty, brief replies
- inability to participate or initiate goal directed activities


Schizoaffective Disorder vs Mood Disorder with Psychotic Features

- meets criteria for psychotic disorder (predominant disorder)
- with a mood disorder that comes in and out

Mood Disorder with Psychotic Features
- persistent presence of mood disorder (predominant disorder)
- with psychotic features that comes in and out
* depressed or manic with occasional hearing of voices