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Intermittent Explosive Disorder

- failure to resist aggressive impulses
- resulting in serious acts of violence or destruction of property
- verbally abusive
- aggressive episodes cannot be accounted for by another disorder like substance abuse, medication or head trauma



- recurrent failure to resist the impulse to steal objects, not for personal use or value
- actually likes to steal things, gets a rush



- hair picking or pulling out excessively
- anxiety disorder


Substance Use Disorder

NEED: 2 from below to diagnose and specify the drug
- includes Abuse and Dependence

- continuum from mild to severe
- using a substance that affects ability to function at work, school, home, life or in dangerous situations
- using despite negative interpersonal consequences
- unsuccessful efforts to cut down
- energy spent on using, acquiring or coming down from is excessive
- cut back from social interactions to use
- cravings or desire


Substance Induced Disorder

Disorder resulting from substance use
- anxiety
- depression

- impact on other mental health issues
* crystal meth --> paranoia


Substance Intoxication

- experience when actively using


Substance Withdrawal

- experience when coming down from drug
- body trying to return to normal functioning


Gambling Disorder

- think about it excessively
- spend more money than have
- interferes with life, jeopardizes family, job
- repeated unsuccessful efforts to stop
- can be co-occurring with substance use disorders