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The PAR shall be initiated on a regular basis at predetermined time intervals or after sudden hazardous events to determine the location and status of all members


Who is responsible for overall personal accountability?

Incident commander



A PAR identify the present location and status of the strike team, task force or company and account for all members assigned. The PAR is initiated by the incident commander.


Roll call

The procedure used to obtain the par from each unit



A predetermined time or event which automatically requires a PAR by the incident commander

Exp 30 min


Hazard zone

Any area which requires an SCBA or in which a member is at risk of becoming last trapped or injured by the environment or structure. The incident commander show identify the hazard zone for our emergency incident. All members entering the hazard zone shall wear full personal protective equipment PPE, have crew intact (no less than two members) and be assigned to the Strike team, Task force or company. The rehab sector shall not be established within the hazard zone


Tactical benchmarks requiring PAR

1. Any report of a missing or trapped member

2. Any change from an offensive to a defensive mode and vice versa.

3. Any sudden hazardous events(collapse, backdraft, flashover, explosion)

4. At regular 30 minute intervals FCIO shall advise the incident commander of the time on the scene. At this time the IC shall verify the location of our personal and shall give a progress report of the incident.



A PAR shall identify your location and that all assigned members are accounted for.


IC accountability of companies and members

The incident commander shall initiate an accountability and inventory system worksheet at the very beginning of operations and shall maintain that system throughout operations.
Basic tactical worksheet or
In command status board


Hazard zone

Should get PAR priority