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Control board

9 X 12 hard white plastic board with an attached grease pencil

This will be kept in the cab of suppression units district chiefs cars and with the MCI kit on rescue units


Control officer

An officer reporting to the incident commander section chief or branch/division officer. An officer assigned to record and maintain passports and track personal


Control point

Specific location that the control officer maintains to oversee the recording and maintenance of passports


Make up kit

A kid design to expand the passport accountability system at large incidence and provide immediate replacement for lost or damaged materials

DC will have
2 control boards in makeup kit
12 white passports for makeup kits



2 x 4 plastic card, That identifies an account for members and teams.

A) primary passport - White flexible plastic passport kept on the officer side door of suppression units and rescue units

B) back up passport- Stored in the fire station and in district chiefs car. Used as replacements for primary passports and on the scene of a large incidents if needed by the control officer


Acceptable means of contact

1 voice (face to face)
2. Visual
3. Touch

Exceptio: radio or phone contact is permissible for apparatus operator’s, chief officers and other officers where the location of such personnel is constant

1 provide direct help
2 call for help
3 go get help



a) top portion contains
Company designator (E5)
Company #
Team designator (if applicable) E5 function

B) middle portion
Company officer name or team leader

C) bottom portion
Notes such as time of arrival or assignment


White passport

For on duty company
Single passport for on duty chiefs

The white primary passport shall be attached to the officer side cab door on suppression units and rescue units

The district chief shall carry spares for identification of team members on the primary passport is unavailable


White control boards

Are to be carried on all frontline and district chiefs vehicles and are to be utilized by the control officers who will be assigned by the IC when branches or divisions are assigned there will be an individual control officer assigned to that branch or division


Primary passports

Will remain on apparatus
1. They are the only unit at the incident

2. They are operating or assigned to a remote side of the emergency incident before the establishment of a branch division

3. The first arriving companies are committed to initial operations officer’s will leave their passports in the cab of the apparatus for retrieval by the control officer or assigned aid


When the IC relives company or team from the hazard or hot zone the control officer will

1) Confirm with the company officer or team leader that all team members are accounted for

2) Place or Mark the passport to show the company or teams next assignment exp. rehab, staging

When companies or teams are transferred to other assignments the company or team leader will instruct their control officer to acknowledge and record that information on their control board


Logistics Division

Shall order materials and supplies as needed to maintain the passport accountability system

1. One white passport for each team of two or more persons from a company command vehicle special unit or reserve apparatus

2. Velcro pads for apparatus

3. One control board for each frontline apparatus with grease pencils

4. Passport accountability system make up kits for each district chief


Location of materials

The assistant Fire Chief of ERD will determine the placement of materials by the logistics division for the passport accountability system on apparatus assigned to a station or company