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Whose responsibility is it to review and update this policy (Lost missing or trapped firefighter)




Firefighters who find themselves lost or trapped must immediately transmit May Day


Emergency Traffic

Should be used where immediate communication is necessary to protect life or prevent injury (communication with lost or trap firefighters possible building collapse)


Alarm office

Will sound a tone on all channels and advise all personnel we have a May Day for a lost trapped or missing firefighter

All non emergency activity in the alarm office will be suspended and all channels will be monitored closely for any transmission from the firefighters in trouble

The alarm office will automatically dispatch another building assignment and the EMS battalion Captain on a report of a lost trapped or missing firefighter



Will notify the fire chief the deputy chief of operations and the assistant chief of the emergency response division the public information officer and the fire department safety officer



Should be dispatched at Structural collapse with trap firefighters


Last missing or trapped firefighters

Assign a safety officer to rescue operations

Expand ICS search and rescue branch. This branch will include the units required for the search and rescue of the lost trapped or missing firefighter the RIT assigned plus a standby rescue ready to treat any rescued individuals


Company officer

Company officers who are unable to locate firefighters assigned to them must immediately use May Day to notify command and all personnel operating on the fire ground who is missing last known location and actions being taken


Lost or trapped firefighter

Call May Day


Hit mayday button
Does not work in talk about

If by a phone call FCIO 305 579-6245 or alarm office 911

Hit pass