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1. Dispatched to all code 1

2. IRIT 3 person should be established as soon as possible at all working fires.

3. Could be called backup team for hazmat, tech rescue, dive Rescue, or some other name as described in each teams specialty teams operating procedure (SOG)



Positioned at the command post with all equipment unless IC determines another location.

Closet suppression 4 person RIT will be dispatched
Or 3 person IRIT
Or 2 rescues for 4 person RIT

Give arrival on dispatch using designated unit number and then advise the IC using the tactical channel or their arrival and assignment (E 12 RIT 1)


RIT daily checkout

RIT kit SCBA (60 min bottle) and mask regulator will be inspected daily during the apparatus daily checkout. Recorded in the Station Journal as part of the SCBA checkout


RIT kit Inventory checkout procedures

Will be verified and inspected weekly as part of the weekly apparatus equipment inventory inspection. Recorded in station journal as part of the weekly apparatus inventory checkout.


RIT annual checkout

Air truck will inspect all breathing equipment annually checking air bottles, hoses, regulator, and mask assigned to the individual RIT bags.


Minimum RIT shall carry

Two radios (turned to the incident tactical channel and to the mayday channel)

Thermal Imaging Unit



RIT KIT Inventory
(KMP RIC Combo Pack)

- padded crawl bag
- 60 min bottle (4500 psi)
-1st stage regulator w/low pressure whistle
-2nd stage lung demand valve with 6ft of hose
-wye connector
-removable rope bag with 200 ft Kevlar tag rope ( knots tied every 50 ft)
-two 20ft search lines made of Kevlar rope (with knots tied into it every 5ft)
- 6 aluminum carabiners
-one 20ft shoulder drag/victim Rescue strap (2” webbing)
- Rescue webbing pouch with sling link ( 5 ring)
- flashlight witch uses 2 D cell batteries
- one eight inch large carabiner


RIT kit inventory
( KMP RIC Break away tool combo)

-para tech pry axe
-18” bolt cutters
- 1 Klien insulated cable cutter
- door wedges 4 each


RIT to do checklist

Monitor tactical channel and mayday channel during incident

In addition to RIT kit, forcible entry tools and thermal camera all members must be equipped with PPE, including SCBA, portable radio, hand light, webbing.


What floor should RIT stage in a high rise

Two floors above the fire
Forward group/division


IRIT & RIT positions

Lighthouse- company officer handlight, TIC, main tag line attached to SCBA waist belt, and tool kit secured to their SCBA

Mule- carries RIT kit center of search team, uses the large eight inch carabiner to attach the main tag line and the RIT kit.

Wing person- conducts search, secures to the mule with search line



Use 15-10 rule
Move quickly for 15 seconds
Stop for 10
Turn radios down
Hold breath
Listen for pass alarm of down firefighter

Continue to move quickly

Once down FF has been located
Shut off pass
Assess their air supply( correct if needed)
Asses their issues/needs
Notify command
The situation found
Names of trapped or down FF
Give location of the trapped or down FF
Call for necessary resources