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Local authority having jurisdiction

Shall pmean any personnel acting under the authority of Florida statues as agents of their respective jurisdictions



Public agencies have jurisdiction add an incident related to their legal responsibilities and authority. Jurisdictional authority at an incident can be political or geographical or functional


Jurisdictional agency

The agency having jurisdiction and responsibility for a specific geographical area or a mandated function


Port of Miami

Is within the corporate boundaries of the city of Miami but the local authority having a jurisdiction of the port is delegate it to Miami Dade County fire rescue


Transfer of command

Should include a face to face briefing between the different jurisdictional agency unit OIC.

Problem with transfer

Fire Central is to be notified and a district chief is to be dispatch to the scene. Fire Central is to immediately contact the other jurisdiction agency a request assistance with on scene activities. As a last resort Miami police may be summoned and the name of the other agency officer in charge and unit number shall be obtained and a memo outlining the circumstances shall be forwarded through channels to the Fire Chief for further review an appropriate action