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Describe the process of how a market led approach is carried out

Research the market
Produce the product
Sell the product


Where is market led approach common?

In highly competitive markets.
Supermarkets are commonly market led


What is a market led product?

They are based on the business going out and finding what consumers are looking for.
They will look at possible innovations in its products and ask consumers what they think
It needs to make its products stand out from the competition


What are 3 main features of market led approach?

The focus is on customer wants and producing a product to satisfy them
A lot of market research is carried out before production starts
A market led approach is more able to meet and respond to consumer changes in fashion or tastes


Describe how the process of a product led approach is carried out?

Generate an idea
Make the product
Try to sell it


Where is product led approach common?

Drug companies are often product led


What is a product led product?

When an organisation produces a product first and then tries to sell it to customers
This is more risky for producers


What are 3 main features of a product led approach?

Very little market research is carried out
The organisation focuses on product researching and testing
These businesses often involve products that are highly technical and the products have little competition in comparison to market led products