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What is internal recruitment?

When a suitable candidate for a job position has been identified within the business, saving the cost of recruiting outwith the business


What are the advantages of internal recruitment?

Lower costs than external recruitment
The person is already know so the risk of appointing the wrong person is reduced
Induction training is not required
Existing investment in the employee is not lost if they are retained and promoted
The prospect of internal promotion is a strong motivator for existing employees


What are the disadvantages of internal recruitment?

The choice of candidate is restricted
A better person for the job may exist in the external pool
The opportunity for new workers to bring new ideas and skills to the organisation is missed
Internal promotion often just creates a 'domino effect' it just creates another vacancy to be filled


Describe external recruitment

This opens up a range of possibilities.
There is a wide range of methods of recruiting staff from outside the organisation and the method used will often depend on the nature of the vacancy


What are the advantages of external recruitment?

Unskilled and semi skilled labour can be recruited using the local job centre
Many temporary posts are filled using an employment agency
More senior staff and management are often recruited using a specialist recruitment agency
The internet plays a vital role in modern recruitment e.g./ an advert on the organisations website