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Why were trade unions originally set up?

To protect employees from bad working practices and to provide a political voice for the working people of the country


What do trade unions do now?

Individual workers have less power in their dealings with employers and governments so by joining a trade union the worker has much stronger resources at their disposal to support their case


What are trade unions interested in doing?

They are much more interested in working for the benefit of their members, rather than causing confrontation which could damage the jobs and security of their members.


How do trade unions work?

Some unions in the U.K. Represent specific sectors of the workforce while others are more general in nature, for example The Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU)


What are the benefits of belonging to a trade union?

Obtain good rates of pay for members
Protect workers jobs
Secure appropriate working facilities
Ensure satisfactory working conditions
Negotiate employment conditions
Legal advice
Insurance services


What is the structure of a trade union? (Pyramid/ hierarchy)

Union members on top,
Then union representatives
District and national offices
National office