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How do you detect the tempo of an audio region and apply it to your project?

Select the audio region in the workspace, and choose Edit > Tempo > Adjust Tempo Using Beat Detection.


How do you create an Apple Loop that follows the project tempo?

Select a region in the workspace, ensure that its length has an integer number of beats, and drag it to the Loop Browser.


How can you add tempo changes and curves?

Open the global tracks, and on the Tempo track, double-click away from the tempo line to create a tempo change. Drag the control point that appears at the vertical of your tempo change to the left and/or up to adjust the tempo curve.


How do you apply a tape or turntable speed-up or slow-
down effect?

Add a fade-in or a fade-out, control-click it, and from the shortcut menu, choose Speed Up or Slow Down.


How do you make one track follow the groove of another?

Ensure that the track headers show groove tracks; then click over the track number to set the groove track, and select the Match Groove Track checkbox in the other track(s).


How do you turn on Flex editing?

Choose a flex mode for the selected track in the Track inspector, or turn on the Flex button in the Tracks area menu bar and enable the Flex button for the desired track.


How do you time stretch an audio region using the region’s
start and end points as boundaries?

Assuming there are no pre-existing flex markers in the region, drag the Flex tool on the upper half of the waveform.


How do you time stretch an audio region using the previous and next transient marker as boundaries?

Drag the Flex tool on the lower half of the waveform.


Using Flex Pitch, where can you edit the pitch of notes inside an audio region?

In the workspace, or in the Audio Track Editor


When Flex Pitch is turned on for a track, how do you quickly tune an entire audio region?

Control-click the region, and choose “Set All to Perfect Pitch” from the shortcut menu.


How can you edit the pitch curve?

Using Flex Pitch editing in the Audio Track Editor, drag the six hotspots around a note beam.