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How can you create a control point on the automation curve?

Click the automation curve.


How can you create a control point away from the
automation curve?

Double-click the automation track using the Pointer tool.


How can you quickly adjust the value of a parameter for a given section of a track?

Use the Marquee tool to select the desired section, and drag the selected automation curve up or down.


How can you trim an automation curve?

Place the pointer on the numerical display in the track header and drag vertically.


How can you create control points that snap to the grid?

In Automation preferences, adjust the Snap Offset. Choose “Snap Automation to Absolute Values,” and double-click the automation track to insert control points on the grid.


What differentiates Touch mode from Latch mode?

After you drag a parameter in Touch mode, when you release the mouse button, the parameter returns to the previous value on the automation curve; in Latch mode, the value remains at the current value.


How can you view multiple automation curves on the same track?

Click the disclosure triangle in the track header to show an additional subtrack, then click the + (plus sign) in the subtrack to create another subtrack.


How do you assign a controller knob to Automation Quick Access?

In the Automation preferences, turn on Automation Quick Access. An alert asks you to assign a controller knob. Click Assign, then turn the knob of your choice up and down to assign it.


How do you determine which parameter the knob assigned to Automation Quick Access controls?

Automation Quick Access always controls the parameter displayed in the Automation Parameter pop-up menu on the selected track header.