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where is the inspector and what is its uses ?

The inspector opens to the left of the Tracks area. Its contextual parameters adapt depending on which area has key focus, and what is selected .


Where is the Tracks area and what does it contain.

The Tracks area is in the center of the main window . It contains the Track headers to the left , the ruler at the top,and the work space where you edit regions


Where is the control bar and what does it contain?

“3. The control bar is the row of buttons and displays at the top of your display. It contains transport buttons, information LCD displays, and mode buttons.”


“Where is the workspace and what does it contain?”

“The workspace is in the Tracks area, to the right of the track headers, below the ruler, and contains the regions used in your project.”


“When multiple panes are open, how do you make sure the desired pane reacts to key commands?”

“Click the area’s background to give it key focus.”


“Describe two ways to adjust a numerical value in Logic.”

“Drag the value vertically, or double-click it and enter a new value”


“How do you copy a region?”

“Option-drag the region and always release the mouse button first, followed by the Option key.”


“How do you resize a region?”

“Place the mouse pointer over one of the two lower corners so it changes to a Resize tool, and then drag horizontally.”


“How do you loop a region?”

“Select the region and press L, or select the Loop checkbox in the inspector.”


“In the Mixer, where do you add effect plug-ins?”

“In the Audio FX slots of the channel strips.”


“In the help tag, what are the units of the four numeric values used to determine the length and position of a region?”

“ Bars, beats, divisions, and ticks”


“How many ticks are there in a sixteenth note?”

“There are 240 ticks in a sixteenth note.”


“How do you mix down your project to a stereo audio file?

“Choose File > Bounce > Project or Section (or press Command-B) to open the Bounce dialog.”


Panels and Windows
i ?
x ?
o ?

i = Opens and closes inspector
x = Opens and closes the Mixer
O = Opens the LOOP browser


Navigation :

1. Spacebar
2. Control-Spacebar
3. , ( comma)
4. . (period)
5. Return
6. U
7. C

1.Spacebar = Plays /Stops
2.Control-Spacebar= Plays or stops selection in Browser editors
3. Rewinds one Bar
4. Forwards one bar
5. returns to the beginning of a project
6. Sets rounded Locators by selection
7. Toggles Cycle mode on and off



1. Control -option-Drag
2. Z

1. Expands the dragged area to fill the workspace
2. Expands the selection to fill workspace, or goes back to previous zoom level, and shows all regions when no regions are selected