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How do you choose a drummer?

Click the drummer in the character card, or from the Genre pop-up menu, choose a genre, and then click the desired drummer.


How do you choose a new drummer while keeping the
current drum kit?

Option-click the desired drummer.


Where do you edit Drummer regions?

In the Drummer Editor at the bottom of the main window


How do you mute or unmute drum parts?

click the drum parts in the drum kit that’s displayed in the Drummer Editor.


How do you make the drummer play softer or louder, simpler or more complex?

Move the puck on the XY pad.


How do you access the Feel knob to make the drummer play behind or ahead of the beat?

Click the Details button at the bottom right of the Drummer


How do you open Smart Controls?

Click the Smart Controls button in the control bar, or press B.


How do you open Drum Kit Designer?

Click the drum kit at the bottom of the character card.


When customizing a drum kit, how can you access all the available drum kit pieces?

Select the appropriate Producer Kit in the Library.


How do you dampen or tune an individual drum?

In Drum Kit Designer, click a drum and adjust the settings in the Edit panel.


How do you convert Drummer regions to MIDI regions?

Select the regions, Control-click one of them, and choose Convert > Convert to MIDI Region.