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Identify the four main instrumental sound components you can adjust to give each instrument its place in a mix.

Volume level, pan position, frequency spectrum, and distance.


For what purpose do you use an aux send?

You use an aux send to route some of the signal from a channel strip to an aux channel strip, usually to be processed by plug-ins.


How can you make a group of tracks appear as one track in
the Tracks area without changing its audio routing?

Select the tracks, choose Track > Create Track Stack, and choose a Folder Stack.


How can you submix a group of tracks, for example, to process the submix with audio effect plug-ins?

Select the tracks, choose Track > Create Track Stack, and choose a Summing Stack.


What does a compressor do?

It attenuates the level of a signal after that signal goes over a certain threshold, giving the signal a more consistent level.


What does a limiter do?

t works in a similar fashion to a compressor, but it makes sure that the signal is attenuated so it never goes over a specific output ceiling.


In the Inspector, how can you choose which channel strip is displayed in the right channel strip?

On the left channel strip, click any Send slot or the Output slot to display the corresponding channel strip on the right.


How do you change the mono or stereo format of the input of a channel strip?

Click the Format button in the Input slot.