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-Samuel's father was Elkanan; two wives: Peninnah (boar several children and Hannah who was barren
-Hannah was distressed about her barrenness
, so she went to the temple, and Eli the temple priest thought she was drunk
-Hannah made a vow to give her son in a Nazarite vow
-Eli blessed her and sent her on her way
-Hannah was filled with faith, her countenance changed and she left
-Samuel was born, and at age 2/3 he was taken to the tabernacle at shiloh and remained there



-Sons of Eli described as worthless men
-reflected conditions of the time/openly stole from God
-Eli's sons brought shame and immorality to central sanctuary
-Lord rejects Eli's household, declares that he will raise up a faithful priest
-Some believe this has double fulfillment in Samuel and in Christ



-"The word of the Lord was scarce in those days; vision was not common"
-first job/charge given to samuel was not easy
-Eli demanded to hear his vision of the Lord that declared his own punishment
-Samuel told him and Eli accepted it



-Sam met Saul after Israel demanded a king
-Lord told Sam that Saul was the chosen king
-Samuel invites him to his house/tells him that God chose him to be king of Israel
-Samuel anoints him with oil to be king and prophesied over him
-samuel assembled all people of Israel and proclaimed Saul as king
-Telling them that he had no part in decision to have a king
-God tells samuel he regrets making Saul king - tells this to Saul
-Samuel then does not see Saul until the day of his death
-Samuel grieved over Saul



-Samuel is instructed to go to Bethlehem/find replacement for Saul
-household of Jesse; 8 sons, david being the youngest
-Lord instructed samuel to look not at outward appearance, but at heart
-none of seven sons were what Samuel was looking for
-Jesse brought david, but didn't want to
-Samuel anointed him to be king
-Judging outward appearance (modern day application)