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Stated Reasons

-Israelites wanted to prevent further military loss; have a king that would fight their battles for them
-Corruption among Israel's leaders; Eli's sons who committed great sin/ Samuel's sons (judges over Israel) did not walk in the way Samuel did
-Israel wanted to be like other nations; earthly king to judge them - all other nations had one
-they did not realize they had been set apart


Underlying Motives

-rejected the theocracy; did not want a priestly council
-serious interests in materialistic success
-security without moral/spiritual responsibility
(if they had a king who defined laws/ethics they would no longer have to obey God)


The Price

-military draft would be established
-people of land would be put into servitude (making equipment for battle)
-Widespread land confiscation (give it to his servants)
-loss of personal liberty


Affects on Israel

-Listening to the king who was subject to his own prideful desires (Saul)
-became servants of the king
-Rather than the king following God, they followed their own desires; led Israel into sin



-Can't follow pastors/leaders simply because that is their role; think critically