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-Chronicle is senstive to past&present and its corispondence
-seeks to touch and learn grace and judgement
-lessons were crucial to Israelite history
-Yahweh was a ruler and wanted loyalty
-when believed and loyal, restored to days of Solomon



-Northern kingdom = prophetic to see kingdoms reunited under son of David
-mainly focus on Judah
-glorification of David and family = evident
-struggles with jesses son with saul; sins with Uriah are ignored
-Absolom and adonijah are bipasdes
-Key points = city/ruler/temple/priest



-stresses activity of God in all situations
-conviction that righteousness exalts a nation
-theocratic character of community
-God rules over his people
*direct activity
*pattern of retribution
*scriptural authority
*centrality of temple
-longed for recovery of glorious days (obedient worship)
-preaches hope, belief in Lords message and prophets