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Optimal length of BKA

Proximal 50% of tibia (20-50%)


When is a knee disarticulation instead of a BKA indicated?

When there is a severe knee flexion contracture and limb ischemia


When are Boyd and pirogoff amputations contraindicated and indicated?

Contraindicated in diabetes and ischemia.
Indicated only for trauma.


In a BKA, how long should the fibula be in relation to the tibia?

Fibula should be 2-3 cm shorter than tibia


Pirigoff vs Boyd amputation

Pirigoff = vertical calcaneal amputation
Boyd = horizontal calcaneal amputation


Metatarsal ray amputations of which ray is more successful?

4th and 5th ray amputation


In a transfemoral amputation, what surgical procedure is done to help maintain adduction position of the femur in the prosthetic socket?

Myodesis of the adductor magnus to the lateral femur


What is a significant complication of lisfranc and chopart amputations? And what surgical intervention is used to prevent this?

Equinovarus deformity. Achilles tendon lengthening prevents this.


What is the weight bearing status after a Syme's amputation?

Partial weight bearing is possible almost immediately after procedure