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What side of the body is a cane held on?

On the good side


Where is the weight bearing line of a functional grip cane

Over the shaft of the cane


How do you measure proper length of a cane

Cane should reach up to the greater trochanter and elbow should be flexed 20-30 degrees


Advantage of forearm crutch over axillary crutch

Forearm crutch allows freedom of hands for more activities


How do you measure crutch length?

Crutch length = Anterior axillary fold to point 6 inches lateral to foot.
Handpiece length = distance from hand with elbow flexed at 30 degrees to a point 3 inches lateral to foot


What kind of crutch do you prescribe for someone who cannot bear weight through wrist or hand?

Platform crutches


What is a an advantage of a SBQC over the WBQC

SBQC will fit on stairs, WBQC does not


Main disadvantage of walkers

Can't go up and down stairs with it.
Also difficult to maneuver through doorways or bathrooms.


Most commonly used type of cane

C handle cane


Which crutch requires more strength - axillary or forearm crutches?

Forearm crutches


Where is the weight bearing line of a C handle cane

Behind the shaft of the cane


Which cane conforms to the natural angle of the hand to form a comfortable grip

Functional grip cane