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For elbow disarticulation prosthesis, socket is conformed to what structures to provide suspension and humeral rotation?

The epicondyles of the humerus


How do you operate the terminal device with a single cable control system?

Forward humeral flexion and bilateral scapular abduction


Main advantage of split socket and muenster socket

Split socket allows for more elbow flexion.
Muenster socket requires less force to use.


3 main types of elbow hinges

1. Flexible
2. Rigid
3. Locking


What is a figure 9 harness used for?

Used for self-suspending transradial sockets such as the muenster socket


When is a locking elbow hinge used?

When there is significant elbow flexion weakness


When is a chest strap with shoulder saddle harness used?

When the user cannot tolerate the axilla loop


Which of the transradial sockets are used for long residual limb and which is for short residual limb

Long residual limb = northwestern
Short residual limb = muenster socket or split socket


What does the dual cable control system control?

One cable operates the terminal device when elbow is locked.
Other cable operates elbow flexion when elbow is unlocked.


3 types of transradial harness suspension systems

1. Figure-8
2. Figure-9
3. Chest strap with shoulder saddle


Main difference between flexible and rigid elbow hinge

Flexible allows for pronation and supination, and rigid does not


2 types of control cable systems

1. Single-control cable
2. Double-control cable


3 main types of transradial sockets

1. Split socket
2. Muenster socket
3. Northwestern socket


When is single vs double control cable system used?

Single used in transradial amputations.
Double used in transhumeral or very short transradial amputations.


Length of transradial amputation indicated for rigid vs flexible elbow hinge

Rigid elbow hinges are used for short transradial residual limb.
Flexible elbow hinges are used for long transradial residual limb.


What makes up a figure 9 harness?

Axilla loop and attachment strap


Most commonly used transradial harness suspension system

Figure 8 harness


Relation between length of residual limb and trim line

The shorter the residual limb, the higher and closer to the elbow crease is the trim line