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Does the gluteus medius activate during stance phase or swing phase?

Stance phase


If someone presents with genu recurvatum, do you expect the quads or the hamstrings to be weak?

Hamstring weakness and spastic quads


What requires more energy - using crutches or walking with a prosthetic?

Walking with crutches


If a patient has quadratus lumborum shortening on one side, what gait pathology do you expect?

Hip hiking


If someone presents with excessive foot supination, do you suspect forefoot valgus or varus? Pes cavus or planus? What about excessive foot pronation?

Supination = forefoot valgus, pes cavus
Pronation = forefoot varus, pes planus


Uncompensated vs compensated trendelenburg

Uncompensated = contralateral pelvic drop
Compensated = swinging of the hip with lateral lean to compensate for hip drop


If a patient has plantar flexor spasticity/Achilles tendon contracture, what gait pathology do you expect?

Genu recurvatum and a bouncing step


What is a cause of waddling gait

Bilateral gluteus medius weakness


What part of the gait cycle is the gluteus maximus active

Heel strike/initial contact


If someone has a long a limb or a stiff knee, what 2 gait pathologies can you expect?

Circumduction or hip hiking


If you stand on the right leg and the left pelvis drops, which is the side of dysfunction?

Right gluteus medius weakness


What muscles are weak in trendeleburg gait?

Gluteus medius and minimus