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Petitions are:

A formal request for parliament to take action on an issue. They are documents that include a list of signatures of people in support of a proposed legislative change.


Strength of Petitions:

Petitions can show a high degree of support when a lot of signatures are obtained.
Parliament is made aware of the issue and the people's concerns.
E-petitions can Aquire a large number of support


Weakness of petitions:

Once the petition is given to a member of parliament and tabled in parliament, there is no guarantee that parliament will take action.
Petitions are not as visual as other methods of influencing legislative change.


E.G of Petitions:

Get Up has an e-petition to stop new export facilities being built on the QLD coast near the Barrier Reef.


Demonstrations are:

Actions by groups of people who join together to support a cause. The purpose is to raise awareness in the public and place pressure on parliament to take action.


Strengths of demonstration:

Possible to gain media attention when the number of participants is large.
With media support, demonstrations are likely to gain wide support in the community and nationally.


Weaknesses of demonstration:

They can be seen as attempts to disregard authority.
Demonstrations have to be publicised well to get the numbers to attend and thus make an impression.


E.G of demonstration:

Public protest in support of same sex marriage.



Individuals and groups can use the power of media (newspaper, TV, FB) to gain publicity of their cause and increase their influence.


Strengths of Media:

With social media it is possible to get access to millions of people within a very short period of time, and therefore gain increased support.
Without the support of media, other methods of influencing changes in the law may have little effect.


Weakness of the media:

Use of the media can show that they are very strong conflicting views on issues, deterring the government from changing the laws in this area.
Media will only be influential if the public gets behind an issue and demands a change in the law.


E.G of Media:

Online campaigns in support of same sex marriage by groups including 'Australian Marriage Equality' and 'Get Up'

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