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The cruise market Germany:
Presentation AIDA Cruises Our fleet:

The cruise market Germany:
75% of the market is dominated by national providers
50% of cruise guests travel to Northern Europe or the Mediterranean

Presentation AIDA Cruises Our fleet:
• With currently 14 ships, we have the most modern fleet in the world
50% market share worldwide


Yield Management in the Cruise Segment:

Yield Management in the Cruise Segment:
"A yielding business means you sit on an asset and you fill it, and you fill it in a way which is optimized, that you have a full occupancy as much as possible at the end of season and you adapt prices." Fritz Joussen (CEO TUI GROUP)

Challenges in the Cruise Segment:
Fixed capacities + growth
expiry date
Individual booking curve

Objectives and tasks at AIDA Cruises: Selling cabin and flight capacities at the best possible price and optimizing capacity utilization
- Planning
Right target area selection
Destination definition (quantities and prices)
- Prices and sales
Setting Strategic and Tactical Prizes


Price differentiation:

Price differentiation:
- PREMIUM - for customers with low price sensitivity but high standards
- VARIO -various prices for medium and low price sensitivity
- JUST AIDA -controlling demand especially on low-capacity departures

Generation demand through communication:
- Advertising and advertisements in newspapers or TV
- Special sales promotions
- setting up special trips (such as theme trips)


Measuring Success

Measuring success:
Maximizing the key figure Yield
• Yield = NTR / ALBD
• NTR = NET Ticket Revenue (prices of all cabins sold less travel agent commission)
• ALBD = Available Lower Berth Day (total bed capacity of a ship)
• Travel from AIDAprima for 10 days
• 3,755 guests booked
• 1,643 available cabins, 3,286 underbeds
• Ø Travel price per guest 1.250 € (less Provision)
(1250*3.755 (NTR)) / (3.286*10 (ALBD der Reise) = 1.48 Euros (Yield)