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Accra Beach Hotel
variations in demand

Variations in demand:
• Seasonal cycles - The weather is nicer at certain seasons of the year than others (July-October is hurricane season in the Caribbean). Foreigners likely to vacation in winter months.
• Economic cycles - When business is down, there is less business travel, fewer people attend conferences, and tourism may also be affected.
• Days of the week - Business travelers are more likely to stay Sunday through Thursday nights; some individual vacationers will just look for weekends.
• Clientele - Traditionally, ABH’s clientele had been dominated by tourists from the UK and Canada, but during the last few years, the percentage of corporate customers had increased drastically. Sometimes guests on vacation feel uncomfortable surrounded by business people and will not choose ABH as a vacation destination.


Accra Beach Hotel
Incomes and lost of income

rooms x night x price (1-taxes) -
other costs: washing

Lost of income:
(# regular customer + cricket customers - max capacity) x price pay per room


Singapore Airlines:
5 elements of successful HR practices

1. Selection and recruitment (4 rounds)
2. Training and Retaining (functional and general)
3. Teams deliver excellent service (Ward leader/180 crews)
4. Empowerment front line to control Q (walk xtra mile)
5. Rewards and recognition (bonus, strong commitment managers)


Kiwi Experience:
Components of KE

- Customers are key (always asked what they like it, feedback from drivers.
- Asked drivers feedback
- Chef always talked to customers personally.
- Explain tour operators exactly how the system works.

Components: (culture and leadership?)
- Bus Drivers
- Interaction among customers
- WOM and publicity
- Adventure activities
- Memorability (videos, pictures)
- Flexibility and price performance ratio


Lux: Resort
Main factors successful service

1. Vision, Purpose, Values
2. Training (change service cultures)
3. Innovation and Differentiation
4. Measurement, Feedback, Incentives


Lux: Resort
Main factors Challenges

1. Vision, Purpose, Values (foundation)
- V: each moment of truth is an opportunity
- P: helping people to celebrate life
- V: passion, integrity, credibility
Actions: Workshops, committee for developed VPV, examples, Quote of the Day

2. Training (change service cultures)
- Full comprehensive training program
- customized training
- 2 phases: 4 months gaps
- Pledge: 7 level of services
- Continuos training in 5 areas

3. Innovation and Differentiation
- Failure tolerance for new ideas
- Reasons to go to Resort
- Ideas discussed every 4 months
- Prizes best ideas
- Chief Quality Assurance

4. Measurement, Feedback, Incentive
- Customer focus KPI: employee incentives, ratings in trip advisors, transparent system.
- On line platform customers feedback
- Mystery shopper
- Hospitality standards.


Lux: Resort
Next steps strong culture

- Adapt to each culture (Italy different China)
- Offer intercultural training
- Rotation with other resorts and bring culture to new locations
- Recruitment program align with the culture


Royal Dining Membership:

- Finance advantages, well receive membership program
- Negative consequences on employees
- Customer take advantage of the program (misleading)
- Disturbs full payers
- Damage of Image: Luxus hotel vs savers.


Royal Dining Membership:
Employee motivation

- Communication from Manager about finance situation
- Create incentive system
- Offer a training


Royal Dining Membership:

A. Membership income: # members x price pay
B. Restaurant income: Revenue total x %member revenue
- Total Revenues: A + B

- Action: restriction on Fridays and Saturday
A. Real revenues (given)
B. Theoretical revenues (minus discount 35%)
C. Difference between Real and theory = foregone revenues (ingresos perdidos)

- Final Result = (Total Income A + B) - Foregone revenues