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Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt

- Supply and demand of labor (employees live there):
● People are the most important resources for DL companies "
● Large number of employee benefits make Stanglwirt an attractive employer
○ Larger number of applicants
○ Possibility to set only the "best"
○ increases quality of work
● Employees are more satisfied than in comparable companies
○ increases empathy in service delivery and reduces emotional dissonance
○ positive service climate → positive service culture
○ Organizational Commitment of Employees → Service Profit Chain
● Living at work / regional leisure activities
○ particularly attractive to applicants from outside
■ greater choice of applicants

- Ideas for employee satisfaction
- Welcome and farewell gifts
- "Chef Talk Days"
- free days if possible in one piece, at least 1 free weekend in the month
- Additional leave after seniority
- Company outings, Christmas parties, departmental dinners
- 360 degree feedback
- Benefits for families / friends
- Idea competitions

- Marketing Strategy and Gaps Model
- Extension of the previous model by four more gaps:
-listening gap (GAP 1)
-service design and standards (GAP 2)
-service performance gap (GAP 3)
- communication gap" (GAP 4)
- customer gap (GAP 5). See graphic

- Focus on the service
- Obsession to meet customer expectations
→ Quintessence of Stanglwirt's marketing strategy


Pun Pun Sustainable Living and Learning Centre, Thailand

Challenges of enterprise expansion:
•Different culture
• Different regulations
Longer preparation phase
Shift in focus
Empty capacity → price reduction
Capacity bottleneck → increase prices
• Stand out from the competition
• higher costs (technology + staff)
Search alternatives
Flexible employment contracts (maximum working time)

Lessons from the "Pun Pun" concept:
- As a general rule:
no classic DLU (little profit-oriented)
Do you want to be a company or service provider?
- Yet:
strong brand worldwide
high satisfaction by MA, this is transfers to customers
"Culture Clash"
Implementation u.U. difficult in Germany
Change of mind needed (TedX-Talk)



Spicers Retreats, Australien

The 3 principles of the service system
Customer obsession
Employee obsession
Leadership in innovation and use of technology

Moments of truth:
- are critical individual interactions in which the customer can make a decisive impression about companies
- Management Team successfully enhances interaction between employees and customers ("Service Encounter"), ensuring that every moment of truth is maximized
- strong focus on employees and customers
- Integrate technology into service processes to improve the customer experience
- through the combined effect of these attributes, Spicers has built a reputation for service excellence both within Australia and internationally

- strong focus on employees and customers & integration of technologies into the service process: excellent brand established in the luxury accommodation market
- the unique experience leaves a lasting impression
- strong service culture and strong commitment to service excellence would be hard to imitate

- get in contact with customers via telephone -> personal component
- Provide employees with budgets to respond quickly to customer dissatisfaction
- Always check the effectiveness of the internal communication
- Promote a sense of community among employees
- Constantly observe trends -> Eating habits change


Strand Spaand Conference Hotel, Estonia

How does the hotel's approach to service management reflect the service profit chain again?. Describe each link in the chain:
Service Profit chain

What other tools could hotel managers use in addition to the tools mentioned in the case study to ensure quality of service?:
Bonus programs for employees
day spell
ideas competitions
Bottom-up feedback
Mystery shopping
Penetration of the corporate philosophy

How does the history of Kaareldie strengthen the service culture of the hotel and for which element of the service culture is it an example?:
Corporate Philosophy
Freedom or room for action
Independent decision-making
Corporate standards

Customer satisfaction is the highest requirement & offers room for action for their implementation



Advantages social media feedback:
• Direct feedback
•Great coverage
• Customer Information
• Information about customer requests
• Private interaction with the customer happens in public
• Company can not "hide" from public feedback

Consumers as co-producers:
Customization and personalization by name of the customer on mug
Starbucks visit as a status symbol
Exclusive furnishings
Customer feels very valuable
Focusing on the customer experience extends through complete production and consumption process
Furnishings, music, smells
Employees are always friendly, you speech, trying to establish a direct line to the customer
Represented worldwide
Loyalty programs
Large offer outside of coffee -- Attention of a broad customer base
Active job offer: Starbucks as a place to work and stay
Standardization consistent quality all over the world
Everything the customer sees / hears / likes, he can acquire