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Legitimate opportunity structure

Opportunities to be successful through legitimate means
Varies through classes and races etc


Illegitimate opportunity structure

Opportunities to be a successful criminal also vary
For example different neighbourhoods


Criminal subculture

Occurs in areas where there is already a criminal underworld
So adolescences become 'apprentice criminals'
They learn from older men


Conflict subculture

No clean criminal underworld to organise young men into the life of crime
So men turn to gangs and territorial boundaries for identity
E.g. Patrick's Glasgow gang observed


Retreatist subculture

These subcultures are double faulted
Failed to find success through criminal behaviour or through territorial conflict
So form a retreatist subculture


Evaluation +

Provide explanation for different types of working class deviance
Provides explanation for non economic crimes


Evaluation -

Ignore crimes of wealthy
Marxists would argue they ignore wider power structures
Raises postmodernist question does a main stream culture even exist