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Rational choice theory
See crime as a decision individuals make once the costs and benefits have been weighed up


Situational crime prevention

Clarke 'reducing opportunities for crime'
1 directed at specific crimes
2 alter environment of the crime
3 increase the effort and risk of committing a crime

E.g. Target hardening
Locking doors, windows & increased surveillance


Evaluation of situational crime prevention

Works to reduce crime to an extent however only leads to displacement-
Spatial- moving elsewhere to commit crime
Temporal- committing at a different time
Target- choosing a different victim
Tactical- using a different method
Functional- committing a different type of crime

Only focuses on petty crimes


Environmental crime prevention

Wilson and kellings 'broken windows'
Broken windows= signs of disorder and lack of concern

Sends out signal no one cares the police or the community
Sends the neighbourhood into decline


Zero tolerance policing

1- an environmental improvement strategy
Broken windows must be repaired etc

2- police must adopt zero tolerance policing they must tackle even slight signs of disorder


Contemporary example

Greenhey estate moss side
'Design for security'
Flat fronted, small pathways, gated ally's, hidden drains, no front walls

Make it harder for crimes to be committed



- left realists would point to the fact they don't tackle wider structural causes
- they assume that offenders act rationally in choosing crimes however some crimes are impulsive or irrational
- zero tolerance policing leads to more break down with the police and communities